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The Onyx Collection Bathroom Solutions

The Onyx Collection offers an extensive selection of shower components (like shower bases, shower wall panels, shower trims), lavatories and other bathroom accessories in standard and custom products.

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The Onyx Collections offer a wide selection of solid surface products to create the perfect bathroom.

The Onyx Collection manufactures shower bases, shower pans, lavatories, tub surrounds, fireplace hearths, slabs, seats, trim and other shower accessories to your specifications in almost any size, shape, and color, for your bathroom remodeling needs.

Onyx Collection products are available through Capitol Kitchens and Baths. Call or email us for more information on the complete product line.  You may also visit our showrooms located at Saratoga Springs, Albany and Schenectady, or check our Onyx Collection items online through our website.

Onyx Collection Showers


The Onyx Collection offers more bathroom shower bases, and shower pans as “standard size” than anyone else! Choose from 51 different sizes and styles: rectangular, neo-angle, handicap easy access, and tub-replacement shower bases or shower pans.


If none of our 51 standard size bathroom shower bases, or shower pans fit your bath design, the Onyx Collection can design and build a custom shower base, shower pan, and walls for your bathroom, including handicap easy access showers and steam showers. If you can draw, describe, or template it, we can build it for your bathroom remodeling needs!

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onyx collection shower base

Onyx Collection Lavatories  

Standard Lavatories

The Onyx Collection offers more “standard size” bathroom lavatory sink vanity tops than anyone else! Choose from 43 different sizes and bowl styles: single or double bowl, centered or off-set bowls, and corner lavatory sink vanity tops.


If none of our 43 standard size lavatory sink vanity tops fit your bath design, the Onyx Collection can design and build a custom lavatory sink vanity top for your bathroom remodeling needs, including handicap accessible lavatory sink vanity tops. There are additional 66 more lavatory sink vanity top styles to customize from.

Onyx Bathroom Accessories

The Onyx Collection also offers a wide variety of bathroom accessories such as shower caddies, shower seats, towel and grab bars, shower curtain rods, toilet holders and other Onyx bathroom products to keep your bathing sanctuary functional, neat and organized. They also come in an assortment of sizes and colors to match your bathroom interior.

onyx shower caddy
onyx collection towel bars
onyx collection shower seats
onyx collection shower walls
Onyx Bathroom Remodel

Onyx Showers Accessories 


The Onyx Collection offers various sizes and styles of bathroom shower soap or shampoo caddies, as well as 4 standard-sized shower seats. For custom-sized shower seats, see Custom Slabs.


The Onyx Collection straight trim comes in many sizes widths and lengths and is often used as window sills or floorboards.

Onyx Collection Shower Trim

Accent your bathroom with matching trim, including corner trim, crown molding, chair rail, baseboard, window and door casing, flat trim, tile trim, and other molded trim styles.

Onyx Shower Walls 

Onyx Collection Shower Wall Panels are available in various height, color, and design. Panels may come in Gloss Finish, Stone Tile, Subway Tile, Wavy Tile and Shiplap. An Onyx shower wall panel is approximately 5/16″ thick and is a solid color throughout. Each weighs about 3.5lbs per square foot.

Onyx shower panels are easy-to-clean. A common household surface cleaner that we often recommend is just diluted white vinegar. Applicable to Onyx Vanity Tops, too. 

onyx collection showers


The Wavy Tile’s actual tile size (not including any grout lines) is 7 ⁷” x 24 ¹/₈” ). The grout lines are 3/16″ wide. Max panel size is 96 ⁷ ⁄” wide by 105 ¹/” tall. Max panel is 4 tiles wide by 13 tiles tall.

The Wavy Tile can run horizontally or vertically.

onyx collection onyx shower walls


Our production mold is made from natural 12″ x 12″ stone tiles, giving each wall panel the stone-tile look without the worry of leaking grout seams. All colors are available in Stone Tile Finish.  No Picture Inlays or Integral Stripe/Border available.

onyx collection showers


A crowd favorite, the smooth Gloss Finish, gives a classic appearance with an easy-to-clean smooth surface. All colors are available in the Gloss Finish. Also, Inlay Stripes and Picture Inlays can also come in Gloss Finish. Max Panel size is 120″ x 90″

onyx collection showers


Subway Tile Finish is a smooth, flat tile design with faux grout lines. The size of the “tile” is 3″ x 9 5/8″ and the 1/4″ wide grout groove is 1/32″ deep.

Subway Tile panels are priced the same as Smooth Gloss, Wavy Tile, and Stone Tile panel finishes. Like all Onyx wall panels, the exposed edges are finished. The grout molding shape is also shown on the finished edge.

onyx collection showers


Shiplap is a smooth panel with ¼” wide recessed groove. The spacing between the grooves is 5″.

The max size is 96″ wide and 109 3/4″ tall.

Onyx Collection: Where to Buy?

If you’re considering a home remodel and dreaming of a luxurious shower upgrade, look no further than Capitol Kitchens and Baths. When you choose to remodel with us, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to incorporate the exquisite Onyx Collection into your project. 

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