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If you would like to include a photo with your question, Send us an Email with a photo attached. 

Tips For Submission

To increase the likelihood that we will choose your question and to help us offer the best solution for your question, please read and follow these guidelines carefully:

  • Include your name, city, and state.
  • Include floor plans, if available, and photographs (see Photo Tips below). 
  • Include website links to design boards like Pinterest.

Photo Tips

Photos that are bright, clear, and in-focus are a big help. Here’s how to get great “before” shots so that we can help you get them worthy of “after” shots.

  • Use the best quality digital camera you can.
  • Stand back and to get as much of the room in your photo as possible.
  • Hold the camera straight so the lens is completely vertical. 
  • It’s best to take photos during daylight with all window treatments open and your camera flash off. Turn overhead lights and any other lamps off.
  • Clear away clutter so we can see the room elements and please don’t include people or pets in your photos.
  • Try not to take photos with the camera directly facing a window. The natural exterior light will overpower the interior and cast it into dark shadow. Instead, point your camera on an angle away from the window toward one side or the other of the room.
  • These “before” photos may be published on Capitol Kitchens and Baths and/or its affiliates.