Adding a basement bathroom makes life better in many ways. For one, it boosts the value of your home, making it a truly livable space.  But most importantly it extends the living space for you and your family- whether your basement houses a guest living space, a man cave, or playroom, a teenage hang out, or a home gym- adding an additional half or full bathroom to your home creates many benefits.

Adding a bathroom in the basement comes with a unique set of challenges. When your house was built if the basement was not ‘pre-plumbed’ for a basement bath then access to the drain lines in your home will require digging up the concrete of your foundation to utilize traditional plumbing fixutres. Older homes almost never are pre-plumbed as finished basements and finished plumbing (such as a bathroom) are newer concepts in residental homes. This usually adds a significant cost, time, and mess to the remodel.

Additionally, the basement is working against gravity. Plumbing in your house is pitched in a way to allow all waste to travel down to your main drain line to the sewer using gravity. The basement plumbing still needs to pitch down to avoid backups and can’t utilize gravity to get to the main line. Forutnatly technology exsists with a simple solution to add the bathroom to your basement.

basement bathroom

Basement Bathrooms Made Easy! 

Traditioanlly to add a toilet in the basement the toilet was installed on a platform (often called an ‘up john’) that held the plumbing to avoid having to dig into the foundation. While this is effecitve it isn’t a great look and added a step to get up to the toilet.

Today a MACERATING TOILET provides a quick, clean, easy to install without the need to dig into the foundation. And can often be connected to other drains in the bathroom as well (such as a toilet or shower drain). Below we show some of the options Captiol offers as well as how they work and will be a great way to add the extra bathroom without a large expense or headache.

onyx bathroom solutions

The Onyx Collection – A perfect fit for a basement shower

The Onyx Collection offers an extensive selection of shower components and lavatories in standard and custom products.

3 Brands we recommend for adding a toilet



Adding an additional toilet in a busy household is often a necessity and may need to be squeezed into the smallest spot in the house. With Saniflo you can install a toilet even when main drainage isn’t close by. Find out which product can help you add the facilities you need in your home. All you need is a water supply, a discharge pipe and an electrical outlet.

Saniplus toilet
Saniplus toilet

The original macerator for a full bathroom

For full bathroom applications
↑ 15 Ft ↑ and/or ← 150 Ft →

sanicompact comfort toilet
sanicompact comfort icon


A wall-hung toilet with a built-in macerator. With its modern design and economical flush system, it will fit into any bathroom.

For half-bathroom applications
↑ 9 Ft ↑ and/or ← 120 Ft →
Toilet with built-in macerating system
Water saving dual-flush system

sanicompact comfort icon

The Saniaccess 2 is ideal to create an additional half-bathroom anywhere.

For half-bathroom applications
↑ 15 Ft ↑ and/or ← 150 Ft →
Quietest pump on the market
Easy dual-access service panels