Three areas of your home where you can use custom closets

One of the common issues a homeowner faces is a lack of storage space. In some smaller homes, there is actually insufficient storage space. In some homes, space is not efficiently available for storing the stuff due to odd structure. Whatever may be the reason, the issues like clutter and difficulty in accessing the items arise because of this. But, the good news is that the custom closets are solving these issues of homeowners. The closets are not just limited to your bedrooms. You can also use them in the following areas:

The Garage

Apart from the vehicles, one can find tools, sports balls, and miscellaneous stuff in a garage. The clutter is not only irritating but a potential safety hazard. Sometimes, parking your car becomes a struggle due to this clutter. A #CapitolKB designer can design a closet system that will work for your garage. This will allow you to keep seasonal items close at hand, increase the value of your home by adding extra living and storage space, and eliminate the need for rented storage units.

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The Kitchen

Kitchen, which is considered the heart of every home.  Even with the best laid out kitchen, we often struggle due to lack of storage space.  A pantry can help that problem.  A #CapitolKB designer can achieve organization through excellent functional design. Shelving, drawers, and baskets combine to accommodate specific needs and uses, ensuring accessibility and order in a space where items are continually removed and replaced.

The Laundry room

Do you know what’s more frustrating than washing your clothes? It’s washing them in a disorganized laundry room. There’s no reason your laundry room shouldn’t be as beautiful as the rest of your home.  With a custom closet system, you can easily store the cleaning products, such as detergents and fabric softeners.

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