For nearly two decades, Maidstone has been providing its customers with elegant and luxurious bathroom and kitchen products. Their designers travel the globe searching for unique materials and sought-after designs to create products that become the focal point of any home. These exquisitely crafted baths, fixtures and accessories feature the finest quality materials and craftsmanship available.

At the heart of Maidstone, is the passion to provide its customers with the highest quality products and the best customer experience possible. They are committed to surpassing your expectations.


With an idea that luxury can be affordable and a passion for exquisitely made bathroom and kitchen products, Maidstone is redefining an industry.


At the heart of Maidstone, is the passion to provide the best customer experience possible. We are committed to making your entire experience with Maidstone a seamless one. We understand that you have many options when it comes to selecting products. We value our partnerships and when you choose a Maidstone product we take that responsibility seriously and are committed to surpassing your expectations.


Maidstone’s design and sourcing teams have traveled the globe, procuring, testing, and expertly manufacturing exquisitely crafted products. What differentiates Maidstone is the ability to bring these luxury products to market quickly and affordably. Affordable Luxury is the core of Maidstone’s values.


Our specially designed spray foam blend helps keep your bath water warmer longer.


Enjoy a longer, warmer bath with our Keep Warm Promise.


No more wasting water, refilling the tub to maintain a warm bath.


Using less water means more money in your pocket.




MINERALCAST Solid Surface is a renewable decorative material, created from an advanced blend of resin and minerals. The solid, 100% non-porous, impermeable blend is as beautiful as it is functional. It maintains it’s beauty long after installation. Easy to clean and maintain, remove minor scratches and scuffs with ease. Heavier than typical contemporary bathtubs, our tubs are built to last. Available in silk matte or gloss finishes, the MINERALCAST color permeates throughout the surface so you can rest assured your tub will continue to look new for years to come.

Traditionally white, however you can custom paint your tub any color. Visit our custom paint page to see some popular colors.

It is a myth that you need a large space to fit in a freestanding tub. We have models that start from a compact 48” length, plus because freestanding reveals more floor and wall surfaces that would otherwise be boxed in, our tubs make bathrooms actually appear bigger.

Our products are designed to be easily installed, however we recommend that this is only done by a professional installer. Bath products come with comprehensive installation instructions which need to be followed. These can be found at the PDF download link situated on every bath product page of the website. We strongly advise that in conjunction with your installer you review the instructions prior to purchase.

While many drain kits or faucets will fit our tubs, we recommend purchasing the drain and faucet from us to assure proper fit and finish matching. The drain kit is included as a standard feature on most contemporary tubs and the individual product page will detail whether the drain is included.

All bathtubs carry a limited, lifetime warranty. This limited, lifetime warranty covers defects in the porcelain, cast iron, or acrylic that cause the bathtub to be unsuitable for use. Pre-installed fixtures shall be warranted from mechanical malfunctions for a period of one (1) year. Cracking, peeling and lifting of exterior paint shall be warranted for a period of one (1) year. At our discretion, we will repair or replace the bathtub, or refund the purchase price. This warranty is for the lifetime of the original, non-commercial owner for as long as he/she owns the bathtub provided the products are installed by a qualified and licensed plumber. Commercial purchasers receive a one (1) year limited warranty on the porcelain, cast iron, acrylic, paint and drain. This warranty shall not apply to the labor, expedited shipping costs and other expenses related to the repair and/or replacement of the product.

Acrylic is a non-porous surface and should only require a gentle washing with any mild dishwashing detergent mixed with warm water. Important – Remember to never use abrasive or aerosol products on your tub.