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The Onyx Collection

The Onyx Collection manufactures shower bases, shower pans, tub-to-shower conversions, lavatories, tub surrounds, fireplace hearths, slabs, seats, trim and other shower accessories to your specifications in almost any size, shape, and color, for your new or remodeled bathroom needs. 

Capitol Kitchens and Baths is one of the trusted Onyx Collection dealers across USA.
We’re happy to offer Onyx Collection bathroom solutions to facelift your showers, tub surrounds, vanity tops and the rest of your bathroom. Check out our Onyx Collection online or visit our showrooms located at Albany, Saratoga Springs and Schenectady.

Onyx Bathroom Remodel

Quality products, Onyx Collection’s
Yes, Guaranteed Forever” guarantee, quick delivery,
ease of installation and our unique
chemistry and design have made us
legends in the industry.

Yes, Guaranteed Forever!

onyx bathroom piatt shower

Onyx Collection Showers are a man-made material that has a lifetime warranty.

The Onyx Collection products are made from a combination of alumina trihydrate crystals and a special polyester resin they have developed over 25 years. The result is a product that is extremely durable and easy to maintain and clean. Undoubtedly, the Onyx Collection products are built to last.

The Onyx Collection offers an extensive selection of shower components (like shower bases/ shower pans, shower surrounds), bath components (like wall kits and surrounds), bath and shower accessories, and lavatories in standard sizes. But they also offer custom products. The Onyx Collection can accommodate virtually any request for custom sizes, shapes, special angles, special drain locations, and ADA ramp accessibility.

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Onyx Bathroom Remodel

We finally found Onyx collection and are VERY happy with the end result. The shower is beautiful and sleek and easily accessible.

Onyx Shower Walls & Bath Walls| Onyx Bathroom Solutions

onyx wall panel around bathtub


onyx wall panels around base


onyx wall panels around tub


Onyx Collection Walls for the shower or bathtub are available in various height, color, and design. Panels come in Gloss Finish, Stone Tile, Subway Tile, Wavy Tile and Shiplap. An Onyx wall panel is approximately 5/16″ thick and is a solid color throughout. Each weighs about 3.5lbs per square foot.

Onyx walls can be used as a tile alternative to your shower walls, alcove bath walls or tile down bathtub. 

Onyx walls for shower or bathtub are easy to clean. A common household surface cleaner that we often recommend is just diluted white vinegar. Applicable to Onyx Vanity Tops, too. 

subway tile onyx collection


Subway Tile Finish is a smooth, flat tile design with faux grout lines. The size of the “tile” is 3″ x 9 5/8″ and the 1/4″ wide grout groove is 1/32″ deep.

Subway Tile panels are priced the same as Smooth Gloss, Wavy Tile, and Stone Tile panel finishes. Like all Onyx wall panels, the exposed edges are finished. The grout molding shape is also shown on the finished edge.

wavy tile onyx collection


The Wavy Tile’s actual tile size (not including any grout lines) is 7 ⁷” x 24 ¹/₈” ). The grout lines are 3/16″ wide. Max panel size is 96 ⁷ ⁄” wide by 105 ¹/” tall. Max panel is 4 tiles wide by 13 tiles tall.

The Wavy Tile can run horizontally or vertically.

shiplap tile onyx collection


Shiplap is a smooth panel with ¼” wide recessed groove. The spacing between the grooves is 5″.

The max size is 96″ wide and 109 3/4″ tall.

gloss finish onyx collection


A crowd favorite, the smooth Gloss Finish, gives a classic appearance with an easy to clean smooth surface. All colors are available in the Gloss Finish. Also, Inlay Stripes and Picture Inlays can also come in Gloss Finish. Max Panel size is 120″ x 90″

stone tile onyx collection


Our production mold is made from natural 12″ x 12″ stone tiles, giving each wall panel the stone-tile look without the worry of leaking grout seams. All colors are available in Stone Tile Finish. No Picture Inlays or Integral Stripe/Border available.

Onyx Shower Bases| Onyx Bathroom Solutions

Onyx Collection provides both standard and custom shower bases. They can be purchased individually or as a kit with the Onyx wall panels.

onyx collection standard base


Onyx Standard Shower Bases are available in Rectangle, Square, or Neo-Angle shapes  with single or double threshold options. Curb heights are able to be Full Height, Mid Height, Low Profile, or Ramp Style. Offset drains, perfect for a bath to shower conversion, are also available in standard showers.

The Onyx Collection gives you a choice of over 60 colors and 75 standard base sizes so you don’t have to settle for something you really don’t want.

For a distinctive look, several different Trim options are available, as well as contrasting Stripes and Borders and even Graphic Inlays to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your shower.

onyx custom shower base


If the standard sizes and drain locations don’t meet your needs, Onyx has custom shower bases to match and work for your bathroom.

Onyx custom shower bases are customizable for your bathroom size and drain location. They’re also available in all curb heights (full height, mid height, low profile, and ramp style).  All are made from durable materials that can complement any shower walls.

All Onyx custom shower bases are cast in pieces to your specifications and then chemically bonded into a single unit for easy, worry-free installation.

Onyx Standard Shower Bases

Base Sizes, Style Options, & Shower Kits

rectangular shower base pan
mid height button over
low profile shower base pan over
neoangle shower base pan over
2threshold shower base
ramped shower base pan over

Onyx Custom Shower Bases

Examples of Base Sizes, Style Options, & Shower Kits

rectangular custom shower base pan over
custom mid height button over
low profile custom shower base pan over
ramped custom shower base pan over

ADA Compliant Shower Bases

Projects that require accessibility solutions or ADA compliance will benefit from The Onyx Collection’s ramped shower bases or a ramp add-on to a low-profile shower base curb.

In addition to the traditional corner seat, Onyx also offers a bench seat option that is cutomizable to the location and shower type you are installing. 

Start building your ADA Compliant bathroom with an ADA compliant shower base.

onyx custom shower ramp

Different ramp access shower options offered by Onyx Collection:

onyx custom shower base designs
custom shower ramp
onyx ramp shower base

Add-On Ramp for Low Profile Shower Base

  • Turns any Low Profile Base into a Ramped Base
  • Can be attached permanently, temporarily, or left unattached or removable
  • Finished on left and right ends, top and front edge
  • Can be ordered any length

Make Your Bathroom Age-in-Place Ready

If you want your shower to be accessible and ideal for aging-in-place, CONTACT US to get started on a ramped shower base curb.

Onyx Lavatories| Onyx Bathroom Solutions

onyx sink bowl styles

Standard Lavatories

All Standard Size Lavatories have at least one integral or are molded in bowl. The integral bowl is generally centered, although we also offer some standards with offset bowls and even some with two bowls.

All standard lavatories have an integral backsplash and are based on standard cabinet sizes. They may have flat or raised edges. Standard depths are 19”, 22” and 22 1/2”.

ONYX double sinks countertop

Above: Onyx collection in vanity tops. Shadow Gloss Smooth with integral backsplash, flat edge, and two offset Venetian Bowls.

Custom lavatories

Custom lavatories can be of any length, depth, thickness, or shape and can incorporate any of our bowl styles and edge styles. Common depths for custom lavatories are 19”, 22”, 22 1/2”, 25” & 25 5/8”.

*Please specify faucet hole spacing when ordering: 4” is typical for a one-piece faucet set; 8” is used for three-piece sets. We can also do single holes, and even add an extra hole for a soap dispenser if requested.

Onyx Bathroom Accessories

The Onyx Collection also offers a wide variety of bathroom accessories such as shower caddies, shower seats, towel and grab bars, shower curtain rods, toilet holders and other Onyx bathroom products to keep your bathing sanctuary functional, neat and organized. They also come in an assortment of sizes and colors to match your bathroom interior.

shower caddies onyx collection
towel bars onyx collection
shower seats onyx collection