Can I update my bathroom to allow me to stay in my home as I get older?


As we get older, things that use to be easy get a little bit harder- simple things like stepping over the edge of the bathtub to take a shower or gripping the handle of the facuet to turn it on. Oftentimes these little changes can add a barrier to continuing to live in your home safely and comfortably.

You can the remodel the areas of your home, such as a bath or kitchen, with oftentimes minor changes to allow you to Age In Place and remain in your home. Or you can make more major changes for a fully compliant ADA bathroom.

Simple changes might be in the faucet, toilet, or grab bars. While more major changes might include a roll in shower. Continue to below to learn more.

Celebrate your independence every day, with full-access ADA Bathroom solutions for those who need a little more assistance.

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ADA Compliant Bathroom

What is an ADA compliant bathroom?

The ADA, or The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, covers many facets including equal accesss for Americans with disabilities and providing Design Standards for Accessbility. These standards ensure those who have a disability or require assistance will have appropriate access in buildlings and facilities. While the standards include public restrooms, many of the features apply to residental bathrooms as well. 

A fully ADA Compliant Bathroom in your home ensures:

  • You have the appropriate turn radius to fit a wheelchair or walker into your bath and move around the room.
  • The door opening is wide enough for a wheelchair or walker to get into your bathroom.
  • Faucets are easy to use without requiring much grip strength (the force required to use the faucet handle)
  • There is shower accessiblity for wheelchair accessbility or a transfer (ie: shower seat)
  • There are grab bars avaialble within the bathroom.
  • There is room for a wheelchair to access the sink.

What is Aging In Place?

Aging in Place is being able to grow old at home. It includes everything from minor changes to major remodels to be able to remain at home as long as possible safely and comfortably.

Aging in Place also encompasses planning for the long term with your remodel for when more assistance might be required.  

Preparing your home to Age In Place can include:

  • Preparing for the installation of grab bars in the bathroom in the future. 
  • Replacing a bath with a low threshold shower
  • Upgrading faucets that are easier to use without requiring much grip strength (the force required to use the faucet handle)
  • Adding in a decorative shower seat



Install Low Threshold or Ramped Showers

An ADA-compliant bathroom is not complete without low-threshold or ramped showers for a more convenient entry and exit. We have brands like Onyx Collection which lets you have the option to add either a low-profile shower base or a completely curb-less entrance for your shower space. Making your bathroom ADA compliant doesn’t always need a full-blown renovation. You can start by converting your existing bath to a low threshold shower or a ramped shower.

low profile custom shower base pan over

Easy to step over

You don’t have to worry about stepping over high threshold entry anymore. At Capitol, we sell showers with low curb heights so you can conveniently enter and exit everytime you shower.

onyx ramp shower base

Curb-less entrance

For showers, the most accessible option is a roll-in shower. This is a shower stall that has a curb-less entrance and the door (or opening) is a minimum of 36 inches wide.

You may also opt to install ramped showers which are wheelchair-accessible so any wheelchair can easily be pushed into or pulled out of the shower space. This design also allows plenty of room for the bather to maneuver.

onyx custom shower base designs

Customizable sizes

Shower bases like Onyx Collection come in standard and customized sizes. Customizable shower bases from Onyx Collection can accommodate any shower or bathroom configuration, giving you more freedom in designing your bath.

We acknowledge that each individual has very specific needs when taking a shower. If the standard sizes don’t match your space and bathing requirements, then the customized ones are always available.



Install ADA Toilets and ADA Faucets

ADA toilets feature:

  • Chair-height seating for ease of seating and standing, and also for a more gracious accessibility.
  • Elongated bowl for extra room and comfort.

ADA faucets can have:

  • Lever handle faucets that don’t require grip strength in order to be used.
  • Touchless faucets that don’t need any physical contact/grip strength at all. A good option if you want a mess-free faucet.

Add Removable and Adjustable Shower Heads

You may also want to consider a removable or adjustable shower head, so you can move it around and wash more easily.

These shower heads have a hose that hooks into where the shower head would normally be, with the actual spray and adjustments are on the other end.


  • Can be moved around to where you need it and change the spray type and strength
  • Easier to wash and get clean while still being comfortable and safe.
  • Easier to replace at a later date if necessary.
  • Generally an inexpensive option, so it can be done on a budget as you work to remodel your space.
bathroom showroom
safety grab bars

Place Safety Grab Bars

These humble decoratives grab bars might just save you from a nasty fall on your wet, slippery shower floor. If you plan to age in place, this simple bathroom accessory can keep your future ease of living and safety in place.

ADA bathroom grab bars have standard options in 16”, 24, 36”, & 48”. They come in an assortment of styles and finishes to match any bathroom interior.

A helpful tip: include backer boards when installing a new bath or bathroom accessory. And if you want to prepare your shower for future installation.

Opt for a Walk-in Tub

Stepping in and out of the bathtub isn’t an issue for most younger people, but it may be riskier as you age. Lifting your foot up and over the tub edge, and the balance required to do that can become difficult in later years.

For a standard tub, there are several things you can do to make it safer for an elderly person. Installing grab bars, shower seats and applying an anti-slip coating to the tub floor are three reasonably priced options.

soaker meditub walk-in tub

MediTub Soaker Walk-in Tub

Or you may just purchase a one-piece Walk-in Tub equipped with all the safety features and ADA requirements you may want for your bath. Our Walk-in Tubs come in various hydrotherapy packages and accessible designs (i.e. WCA, knee cut out, extra-low step-in) to accommodate all types of users.

Choose Wall-Hung Vanities and Sinks

An ADA-compliant bathroom has to be accessible to everyone, and that includes choosing easy-to-reach and easy-to-use vanities and sinks.

In general, a bathroom vanity or a wall-hung sink should have a knee clearance below of 27 inches high and be at a minimum of 30 inches wide by 11-25 inches deep to be considered ADA compliant.

ADA Bathroom sink


When your lavatory needs to handle high-volume traffic, premium KOHLER materials are more important than ever. Crafted of vitreous china, your Soho wall-mount lavatory will provide a lifetime of beauty thanks to our exclusive KOHLER glaze. This remarkably hard, glossy finish protects the surface for a clean, sanitary sink that maintains its polished shine through years of busy use.

ADA Bathroom vanities


Remi’s slim profile and sophisticated details seamlessly merge with LED technology to master both form and function. The etched white glass cylinder is finely detailed with precise, stepped end caps, and the cast knurled bracelet in luxe finish options is artfully crafted with vintage appeal. This chic, transitional design ensures Remi’s ability to complement a wide variety of bath or interior spaces.

ADA bathroom sink


With its graceful curves, the Iron/Impressions sink adds elegance to the bathroom. The square countertop flows seamlessly into a round basin, creating a sophisticated design element that coordinates with 24-inch vanities. Enameled cast iron construction makes it durable and easy to clean.